Feb. 2018: Ian Sims (RSK) 
Acting as an expert witness.
Feb. 2018: John Kelly (SLR, Dublin)
Some rules and guidance for expert witness work, with examples from litigations and arbitrations.
Sept. 2017: Peter Laugesen (Pelcon Materials & Testing, Denmark)
Appraisal of the w/c ratio calibration trial.
Sept. 2017: Oguzhan Copurglu (TU Delft)
Circular polarized light and the determination of Ca(OH)2.
Sept. 2017: Maarten Brokemans (NUG Mineral Resources, Norway)
Expert witness case studies. 
Sept. 2017 Chris Rogers (Ontario, Canada)
Some practical considerations in expert witness work)
Feb. 2015: Murray Reid Geology, construction and aggregates in Qatar.  
Feb. 2016: Rachel Hardie The aggregate levy: its muddles and shortcomings.

Sept. 2016: Scott Parker (GLS) The application of petrography and routine core analysis to sedimentary clastic and carbonatein oil and gas exploration.

Sept. 2016: Per Hagelia (TMT Norway) Spalling of sprayed perlite  concrete caused by popcorn calcitedeposition and internally derived sodium sulfate from water leakage and frost action.

Feb. 2017: Phil Raybould (Enterprise Petrography) Developing a professional petrographic business.

Feb. 2017: Alick Leslie (Historic Scotland) Sourcing of materials for the remediation and repair of historic buildings.


Alkali-aggregate reaction in concrete